Abstract Conformity


Calling port in San Juan allowed for a chance to bring out the Fuji X100 to gather some of the sights during cargo operations. These were taken from the 489ft National Glory container ship.


This town was an absolute hoot, housing much more than I had expected to find. Several craft breweries keep the citizens cheerful with a vast array of well done beers. Mix in some of the best bbq and soul food known with live music venues and a dash of brick facade buildings from the early 20th century and you have Birmingham. There is a Farmer’s Market in the old Dr Pepper factory on Saturdays to start your weekend right. Make some time to see the old Sloss Foundry as well, which is interesting alone but a gold mine for shooting photos. Our stay was far too short, but never fail we purchased tickets to a St Paul & the Broken Bones show in November to ensure our return before we evened the city limits. Until next time Birmingham…

This marked our first stop on the return leg of our road-trip, specifically to see @impracticalaurfeit. We were amazed by the vast farmland and wineries covering the North Fork of the island. The rest of the day was spent exploring the state park, taking a swim in the sound and finally watching an incredible sunset on Fire Island.

Sailing On Ishmael - Martha’s Vineyard

Many thanks to a long time friend since my first days of sailing after college. Captain Fred Murphy has lived on Martha’s Vineyard for several decades, sailing this fine 48’ schooner built in 1929 since the early 70’s. We had the privilege to sail on her for a few years prior to departing the island, marking our return to Texas, eventually. 

Martha’s Vineyard - Day 2

Another gorgeous day awaited us on the island after a morning coffee on the porch. With the beach being 2 blocks away, it was surely a no-brainer as to how we would spend our time prior to the wedding. A little swim in the pristine waters of the Atlantic refreshed the body between periods of sun bathing and reading. I ditched out around noon to watch the Brasil vs Chile World Cup match at the bar of the local brewery. Sure enough the clock wound down and we had to get going to the wedding.

Martha’s Vineyard - Day 1

Through our slumbers, the skies cleared bringing forth our first day with a beautiful load of sunshine. The salt air blew fresh across the island as we wandered by foot down the beach to take in the morning light. By late afternoon, we found ourselves on the far corner of the island overlooking Gay Head Point. The sunset was sure to be gorgeous, but we had a wedding welcome party to attend (not ours). 

Wood’s Hole to Martha’s Vineyard Ferry

This stop was one of the first true schedules we had to keep, making our booked ferry ride to get onto Martha’s Vineyard. A few raw oysters and local beer filled our bellies prior to boarding the hour ride across the sound. The weather turned a little foul, but nothing too drastic. It was just enough to make for a fitting New England ocean crossing. 


Our only charted plan for the city was to indulge in some crab cakes, specifically at the famed Faidley’s Market. This proved to be quite the meal, topped off with cold beer and fresh seafood at the raw bar, before wandering the city on foot. 

Graham’s Place

This place was as genuine as it comes, directly reflecting Graham’s personality. He cherishes his North Carolina roots from folks that taught him the value of culture and self-sustainability. Sadly, we were in a rush to leave and did not allow for enough time to setup properly for the low light. This is still a grand little place with so much more y’all won’t see. 

A Meal Amongst Friends

With a fresh stash of vegetables from the farmers market acquired on our return from the lake, Graham pulled out some venison steaks and had the grill rolling. Him and I enjoyed some peach old-fashioneds while the coals turned up to full heat. A couple of venison steaks along with some salmon fillets graced the plates along with a zucchini medley and roasted beets, all locally bought or shot (minus the salmon). The night rolled on until 2am when the beers dried up and work was looming for Graham. A grand evening to say the least sharing a meal and stories amongst friends.